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  "I have been using Professorial Choice's SMB boots for many years and I thought I couldn't get any better, but I could! I got my first pair of RES boots at the Pamona Equine affair and I was blown away at the price! I had been paying $90+ dollars for these bulky boots when I could be getting these lightweight more durable ones for cheaper?! I absolutely LOVE how they fit my horse, and they are as light as polo wraps, which I also love! I am a barrel racer, so the lighter the better. They also keep the dirt and sand out better than SMB's. I just can't say enough good things about them. I also love being able to pick out your own color of velcro. I have attached two pictures of me and my horse using front RES boots and three different colors of velcro at our last rodeo. I have gotten multiple compliments and suggested numerous people to your company! THANK YOU RES!"

- Katy Sestay

  "I got my boots yesterday.... super impressed with them so far. They fit BETTER than my SMB elites and less than half the price.. wow! I have a gelding that is hard to fit sport boots to (I usually have to use polos) and they fit him like a glove. I'm almost thinking I would be interested in becoming a dealer for these products? I will spread the word either way, really impressed, especially for the money!"

Lacy Luna

  “Since being approached by RES Equine Products in Pasco, WA with sponsorship, I have had nothing but great luck with the bell boots and polo wraps. My favorite feature of the bell boots is the loop closure on the Velcro’s. It ensure the bell boots stay secure and in place. In fact, I have used the bell boots in some very muddy arenas, and the bell boots haven't budged (whereas other people have been losing bell boots in the mud because their Velcro’s come loose). They are a no-turn bell boot that is lightweight and not too bulky. I feel at ease knowing my horses legs are protected with RES products.”

Laci Sutior
BRN4D 2012 World Champion


   "In my line of work, I ride 10-15 horses a day. I take pride in my training methods and in my choice of the best equine products at affordable prices.  RES Sports Boots has always been my choice and continues to be the industry benchmark.      I ride the best horses, I train the best horses, and I rely on the best products, RES Sports Boots.

   I deal with horses all day, every day.  That is all I do.  RES Equine Products are developed for horses by horsemen.  Their products are horse tested, reliable, and affordable!  And just like me they are committed to the industry…not just involved!"

Latricia Duke
Duke Barrel Horses

  "I love RES products, due to my constant concern for my performance horse's well being and overall health. In order for my horses to perform at their best they need to feel their best.....RES helps me accomplish this."
Bailey Kunz

   "First of all I love the quality! These last and hold up to a variety of conditions. From training colts to reiners! Next I love the replacement Velcro straps, you can create your own look or customize and that is something we always think about as we don't like to be like everyone else. The boots clean up great if dirty! Lastly I would like to add, they are not near as bulky as the other brands!"

Rae Cleveland,
Stanton , Ne.


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